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In 2015, the Entrepreneurship Database Program partnered with the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs to form the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative. Through this partnership, the data collected with our accelerator partners is used to conduct a variety of analyses to better understand acceleration and early-stage entrepreneurial growth.  Below are some highlights from our most recent data summary showing what patterns have emerged from the data:

Ventures with women on their founding teams are significantly less likely to attract equity investors. However, they are significantly more likely to report positive prior-year revenues.

Follow-up surveys indicate that ventures participating in accelerator programs grow revenues, employees, equity and debt investment faster during their year of acceleration than those not accepted into programs.

Ventures operating in lower, lower-middle and upper-middle income countries are less likely than ventures from high-income countries to attract equity investments, but have a greater likelihood of reporting revenues in the prior year, and are more likely to report prior-year employees.

Ventures established by experienced entrepreneurs (i.e., those who founded companies before) are significantly more likely to attract equity investments, and significantly more likely to report revenues and employees in the prior year.

Our Data Briefs address tough questions from our partners about critical sector issues

At Unreasonable Group, we have a hypothesis that across markets, companies outperform other players in the market when they have more women in senior leadership and on their board of directors. And yet, these same companies seem to struggle in raising investment dollars relative to companies with more men on their teams. To this end, we have two questions: Do new ventures with women on their founding teams outperform their peers? And if a team has more women in roles of leadership, are they more or less likely to raise equity?"


Daniel Epstein CEO, The Unreasonable Institute

People are taking notice. Our work and insights have been featured in:
We also provide our data to others who want to answer their own questions

Our program was designed to help the sector answer big questions about entrepreneurship and acceleration. If you are a university or industry researcher and would like to use our data to answer your own questions, we are happy to share anonymized datasets with you. These data are free to qualifying researchers.

Updated versions of the anonymized application dataset are released in the first quarter of each year. In mid-2018, we also began releasing a file containing one year of follow-up data.