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Accelerator FAQs

Will you ever rank an accelerator against others?

No. At the Entrepreneurship Database Program, we will never rank accelerators against one another. Our goal is to provide better information to program managers so that they can understand how to build stronger programs and provide anonymized data for general research.



What about an accelerator’s data? Who will see it?

We only share details of a program’s performance with the respective program.


For external research, we produce anonymized CSV files that have been scrubbed of all identifying information so that researchers can track trends in entrepreneurship around the world, to better understand how entrepreneurs are growing in aggregate. This research will never be used to identify particular entrepreneurs or the results of specific accelerators. In all of this research, accelerator and entrepreneur privacy is our utmost concern.



How much do accelerators pay for these insights?

We have the support of our generous funders; therefore, we have provided this assistance to our accelerator partners at no cost. Our research is designed as a service to the sector and is possible only with the funding and partnership of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), The Kauffman Foundation, The Argidius Foundation, The Lemelson Foundation, the US Global Development Lab within USAID, and Omidyar Network.



Do you only accept socially focused or emerging market accelerators into your program?
We have partnerships with accelerators supporting many types of ventures in all geographies worldwide. Our research is not exclusive to social ventures or enterprises. 



What type of accelerators have you worked with?

We generally require the accelerator program to fit within the following framework:

  • Be an accelerator, incubator, or provide direct support and guidance to entrepreneurs

  • Have a written application process 

  • Select a cohort of participants and reject others applicants

  • Provide direct, hands-on support to entrepreneurs for a period shorter than one year (this does not include on-going, maintenance support)