Providing Data-Driven Insights for Accelerator Programs

We partner directly with entrepreneur support programs to collect data and track venture progress over time. These data are used to track and validate program impact, produce sector-level research and release anonymized data for further studies. 


We work with accelerators around the world to gather information from entrepreneurs who apply to their programs. Then, we resurvey entrepreneurs annually - both those who were selected for support (accelerated) and those who were not (non-accelerated).

Using this information, we provide several reports to accelerator program managers. These reports are useful for understanding whether a program is effective, for reporting to funders, and for telling others about the program's impacts.

How we work



Non-Accelerated           Accelerated


We work with accelerator programs around the world.

The Entrepreneurship Database Program is operated by Social Enterprise @ Goizueta and is a proud partner of the Global Accelerator Learning Initiative (GALI).

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